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Regression Therapy

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Going back in time to the cause and effect to, release unwanted memories and emotions.

In a hypnotic trance, moving back in past memories, past events and in time inside the subconscious mind is called a regression. Things that happened in our past it can and will continue to affect our life in the present. We have developed a coping mechanism to survive and how to avoid being hurt. We know how does it feels being hurt or rejected and these feelings continue to hold us back living happy, healthy and more successful life. Where fear or rejection constantly in our day to day lives, we are overwhelmed by chronic negative feelings. We feel and we are stuck, due to the past emotions that are being triggered. This hurt inner child may come to surface at any time resulting in the person re-experiencing these same negative feelings of fear or rejection. Regression therapy helps to eliminate the root cause of these negative emotions. The symptoms will change because of the hurt inner child will be healed and assisted to become a normal adult. The client will feel more free, and will no longer carry those negative “out of control” emotions.