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A program open to Certified Hypnotherapists, or equivalent.

Pre-requisite: HYP 204 Healing with Hypnotherapy , or equivalent.
This course focuses on how to successfully use hypnosis for entertainment. Therefore it is important for the person who is attending the course have a good command of the induction and use of a trance.

Want to take this excellent course but did not take your Hypnosis Training with us? We will be happy to have you join us. A professional Stage Hypnosis Certificate will be presented to every person attending this course. When registering for this course, let us know where you took your hypnosis training.

This is a full five day course from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Learn stage presentation, how to keep the audience’s interest, high ethics, and everything you need to know to put on a great show. Quick induction techniques will be reviewed, as well as the principles of good showmanship. The workshop will also emphasize how to quickly read the subject and evaluate their boundaries.

Attila’s STAGE HYPNOSIS MASTER Course (cont.)
Going by his middle name, Attila learned Stage Show Business in trade school in his native Hungary. With 29 years of show business experience in eight different countries, Attila brings an international flair and stage presence coupled with an intrinsic ability to understand participants as well as the audience. Attila is thorough in his teaching and with a great sense of humour explains his many stage experiences and wisdom.

Attila teaches the practical side of the business, with samples of contracts, details on sound, lights, special effects and marketing techniques.

Attila Kun will share with you 29 years of Show Business Experience as a Magician and Stage Hypnotist in both Europe and North America. Some of the topics to be covered are:

– what it takes to get started
– preparation of the show
– your associates
– the psychology of the show
– the legal side
– booking agencies
– running the show
– and much more to make a great show.

The training includes routine and “one second” induction practices.
DVDs and CDs are included to refer to after the course for continued learning and success.

Instructor: Attila Kun CHT., CCHtI.